Tomato Time

Tomato Time

Tomatoes are the worlds most popular fruit, and for good reason- they taste delicious, they're easy to grow and did I mention they're delicious? And spring is the time to plant them!

There are hundreds of different varieties of tomato plants to choose from in all different colours, shapes and sizes. And although we don't have them all, we still have dozens of varieties to choose from. They all taste great but some of our favourites and most popular varieties include-

  • Mighty Red- a hardy, disease resistant tall growing variety with large tasty fruit.
  • First Prize- a great compact bush variety that doesn't need staking and produces medium sized fruit.
  • Sweet Bite- an incredibly sweet cherry tomato that produces hundred and hundreds of bite sized tomatoes.
  • Black Russian- unusual colour but sensational tasting fruit.
  • Roma- an ever popular variety especially for making sauces.

Whatever variety you choose they will all taste better than anything you get in a supermarket.

You can grow your tomato plants from seed, or plant out from punnets, or semi advanced single pots. Full sun is best but half day sun will still give good results and they can be grown either in the ground or in pots. Regular fertilising throughout the season as well as consistent watering will ensure good results.

.....and dont forget the Basil!

While you're busy planting your tomato plants, get some Basil in the ground too. They're a great flavour combination and excellent companion plants too.