Spring at Morgan Park

Spring at Morgan Park

Despite some windy wet weather Spring is well and truly here and it's such a great time of year to be in the garden. Gardens are continuing to spring into life and flowers and new growth are everywhere you look. The Chinese Wisteria in our carpark was exceptionally stunning this year but sadly it never lasts long enough and is done for another year.

In the lead up to spring, we've had some of our biggest deliveries of plants, pots and products to make sure we have a great selection fantastic quality stock for you to choose from. The result is that the garden centre is looking fantastic with some of the best stock we've had with heaps of flowers and spring colour everywhere.
To do this we've literally had to "go the extra mile" and have travelled far and wide all over the state to secure the best stock that you wont find anywhere else. The furthest trip was a 14 hour return journey down to our main native plant supplier at Mount Gambier. Thankfully it was well worth the drive and we found some special varieties and extra plants that we wouldn't have got otherwise.

Whats hot in stock

  • Avonview Lavender- SPECIAL- 3 or more $10each! A fantastic bushy variety of lavender that will produces masses of fragrant purple flower from late winter and all through spring.
  • Heirloom vegetable seeds- we have a great range of seeds for your patch with over 120 varieties of heirloom veg seeds to choose from.
  • Purple Shamrock Oxalis- a real collectors plant and something that will really stand out in your indoor plant collection.
  • Native plants- We currently have one of the best ranges of native plants that we've ever had.
  • Billy Buttons- incredible native plant with stunning golden globe like flowers that make great cut flowers.
  • Fuchsias- Fantastic flowering plants ideal for a shady spot in your garden, patio or fernery.
  • Lucerne & Pea straw mulching pellets- It's been a while but they're back just in time for spring mulching. Majors Mulch Lucerne and Pea straw pellets make a great mulch in any garden bed, especially vegie patches. Available in 10kg bags.
  • Waterplants- we have a great range of water plants including water lillies, rushes & grasses, nardoo, water iris.

Plant me now

  • Spring and Summer veg- its one of the most exciting time in the vegie patch. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, capsicums, chillis, melons, zucchini are all ready be planted out now.
  • Summer flowering annuals- For a hit of colour these give great bang for buck- Petunias, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Portulaca.
  • Sunflowers- Best grown from seed directly planted into the ground or pots, they make a great statement in the garden and also attract pollinators to gardens. Tall, dwarf and double flowering varieties available.
  • Geraldton Wax- flowering now, they look great in any garden and make fantastic long lasting cut flowers! We have 20 varieties to choose from.
  • Princess lillies or Alstromerias- long flowering, easy to grow, great cut flowers and available in almost any colour. They're popular for good reason.
  • Lavenders- Lavender aren't what they used to be, they're even better! With have lots of varieties in stock and looking fantastic. Purple, pink, white, blue or double flowers with green, grey, silver or variegated leaves, its hard to choose.
  • Almost everything- get planting!

Jobs to do

Spring, its the busiest time of year in the garden but also the most fun, with lot's of planting and lots of rewarding jobs to get you into the garden.

  • Get planting- It's the perfect time of year for planting almost everything. Its not too hot, not too cold- just right.
  • Mulch garden beds- It's not hot yet but it will be soon enough so a good layer of mulch now before it heats up will save your plants later.
  • Fertilse- feed your pots plants, fruit trees, roses and entire garden to encourage healthy new growth over spring.
  • Weed garden beds- One thing that loves spring more than your garden is weeds. Keep them in check early- a small weed now is much easier to pull out than a big weed later.
  • Check irrigation systems- they might not be needed yet but its better to have them ready and working for when they are.