Spring is around the corner??

It's certainly felt like spring with the nice sunny days we've been having but just as I start to get used to it the weather changes and reminds me that its still winter. I'm not alone thinking that though, our plants and gardens think it's almost spring too! Flowers buds, leaf shoots and new growth is starting to appear everywhere you look. Its a great thing to see and a welcome sight in contrast to some of the other daily news that we're getting lately.

With many people staying home and gardening due to the obvious reasons, there has also been unprecedented demand for plants these past 5 months. Late winter is always a tricky time for us to find enough stock at the best of times with winter lines finishing up and spring stock never ready soon enough. The sunny days have been a great help with this with lots of spring lines hitting the shelves early this year including princess lilles, cape daisies, lavenders and fuchsias.
We've also been out and about visiting suppliers and spending lots of time on the phone to make sure we'll have plenty of stock throughout spring. We've had some big deliveries arrive in the last week so there is looks to look at and choose from.

If you cant make it in to see us but still want to see and all the fantastic stock that's coming in and what we've been up to, you can keep up to date with all the latest arrivals by following us on Facebook, Instagram and our website.

Disappearing roses and fruit trees

They're always popular but this year they have been flying out the door! High demand and limited supply due to a tough growing season where many plants didn't grow up to our suppliers high standards means that if you haven't got your roses or trees yet, get in quick before they all disappear.
Winter is the best time to plant them and you still have time to add to your rose garden or home orchard. If you miss out on what you want this winter, we'll be getting more potted fruit trees as we head into spring but once the roses go we wont have more until next winter. if you want to make sure you dont miss out again next year, Its always a good idea to order in advance, especially for roses. Orders can be made any time and we submit our orders in December for the following winter.
  Curly leaf- Peaches and Nectarines
It's a must do job along with pruning, spraying peach and nectarine trees for curly leaf. Curly leaf is a fungal disease that as the name suggests affects the new leaves of peaches and nectarines. It wont kill your trees but it will reduce productivity and affect the amount of fruit you get. The good news is its easy to control by spraying copper at bud burst- just before flowers appear.

Fresh Flowers

If you haven't noticed yet, we now stock fresh flowers! Locally made by talented florist (who is also my lovely wife) Botanical Love Flowers, they're always fresh and always look great. You can also pre-order them and buy direct through her website www.botanicallove.com.au where you'll also find lots of other arrangements and extras available like vases as well as natural skincare products.

Whats hot in stock

  • Lovely lavender- Lavender aren't what they used to be, they're even better! With have lots of varieties in stock and looking fantastic. Purple, pink, white, blue or double flowers. Green, grey, silver or variegated leaves, its hard to choose!!
  • Fuchsias- Fantastic flowering plants ideal for a shady spot in your garden, patio or fernery.
  • Princess lillies or Alstromerias- long flowering, easy to grow, great cut flowers and available in almost any colour. They're popular for good reason.
  • Wax Flowers/ Philotheca- Not to be confused with Geraldton Wax, these winter flowering natives are covered in flowers and look fantastic.
  • Lucerne & Pea straw mulching pellets- It's been a while but they're back just in time for spring mulching. Majors Mulch Lucerne and Pea straw pellets make a great mulch in any garden bed, especially vegie pathces. Available in 10kg bags.
  • Vegepods- a raised wicking bed system that's a great way to grow your fresh vegetables and herbs. They're back in stock but selling fast.

Plant me now

  • Deciduous trees- it's still the best time to plant them but get in quick.
  • Proteas, Leucadendrons & Leucospermums- They're flowering in many gardens now and dont they look fantastic. They're great for winter colour in your garden and great cut flowers in your home.
  • Table grapes- Lots of varieties of seedless table grapes but going very fast.
  • Geraldton Wax- budding up now ready to flower soon. Amazing long lasting cut flowers! We have lots varieties to choose from.
  • Roses- Plant now while dormant, large range of roses arriving over the coming couple of weeks.
  • Fruit trees - deciduous fruit trees like apples, plums, cherries etc.

Jobs to do

Late winter through to early spring is a busy time of year in the garden- planting, pruning, spraying and potting to help keep us and our gardens happy.
  • Prune deciduous fruit trees and roses- Make sure you put it at the top of your garden job list if you haven't done it already. And if you need any tips, we can help you out. 
  • Spray Peaches and Nectarines- I mentioned it before but If you have any of these in your home orchard, one job you must do is to spray with Copper spray at bud burst to prevent curly leaf.
  • Control broad leaf weeds and winter grass in lawns- Every winter they sneak in. The good news is they're easy to control thanks to selective weed sprays. We'll tell you the right one for your lawn.
  • Especially keep on top of Winter Grass in lawns- a selective herbicide will kill the winter grass but leave your lawn.
  • Fertilse- feed your pots plants, fruit trees, roses and garden for healthy new growth heading into spring.

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