Water plants arrive in time for summer.

Water plants arrive in time for summer.

What good is a water garden without water plants? Well, frogs and goldfish would certainly say not much so they’d be happy to see the great selection of water plants we’ve got in store now.

Fresh from our specialist growers, including a new local supplier, we’ve got a full range of water plants Waterlilies, water iris, ribbon grass, nardoo, reeds, rushes and full range or marginal pond and bog plants. A mix of all of the plants will help to keep your fish or frogs happy and also keep algae levels down in your pond.

To keep your pond plants happy, don’t forget to feed them with Water plant fertiliser tablets to get healthy foliage growth and lots of flowers on waterlilies and iris. And if your still having trouble keeping algae out of your pond, try the great natural and animal friendly product- Splosht.

See in store for more details and to see exactly what we have available.

- Chris