Christmas at Morgan Park & Summer Gardening

Christmas at Morgan Park & Summer Gardening

Summer is here but where was Spring?!

Its Summer again but you wouldn't know it with some of the cool weather we've had. It was a cool wet Spring and while we are getting the odd taste of warmth, it's far from what you'd normally expect at this time of the year.

Because of the unseasonably cool temperatures the usual Summer plants have been slow to arrive as our growers wait for warmer weather to get heat loving varieties up to size.
On the flip side, its been a relief not to be at the end of a hose everyday battling heat waves and trying to keep plants from drying out.

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, we've been really busy through Spring working on some other projects in the garden centre and helping our customer with their spring garden projects too. We have been much more active on our other social media platforms though so please keep up to date with all the latest arrivals by following us on Facebook, Instagram and our Website.

Christmas arrivals and gift ideas

Not only is it summer but its Christmas already too! Gift ideas galore, we have grow your own tea kits complete with tin mug, and tea strainer, gorgeous Peace Lilies, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Calla Lillies, Orchids, Happy plants and an array of other indoor goodies that have just arrived this week.
If you would like help with a gift idea our friendly staff are happy to help you pair a nice pot and plant, suggest age appropriate ideas (grass hair kits and kids gardening tool kits) find you a beautiful locally designed card, or something different for someone who has everything.

If all else fails, we have gift vouchers available for any amount so you can let that special someone choose their own gift.

What's hot in stock

  • Purple Oxalis- It's purple, triangle shaped leaves make it one of the coolest plants going around. Grown by us these are great bushy plants with lots of leaves and flower stems.
  • Carnivorous plants- Venus fly traps and pitcher plants are some more super cool plants that kids (and grown ups) love to look at.
  • Monstera Thai Constellation- the super popular and super stunning Thai Monstera is back in stock! Limited numbers though so if you want one be quick!
  • Capers- Hardy, edible plants, they're hard to get but they're in stock now.
  • Eucalyptus Baby Blue- Popular for its amazing blue/grey foliage and for use in flower arrangements, it's also just a great small native tree.
  • Indoor plant care gift packs- WeTheWild and Munash Organics indoor plant care gift packs and products will help you feed, protect and grow your indoor plant babies.
  • Passionfruit- Black, red, yellow and Banana Passion fruit grafted or non-grafted varieties available.
  • Princess Lillies- Hardy, easy to grow perennials that come in a huge range of colours available.
  • Indoor plants- Great gift ideas and we have heaps in store from old favourites to something special- Monstera, Peace lillies, Ivy's, Orchids, African violets, Fiddle leaf figs and lots lots more.
Summer in the garden

When it warms up outside, it doesn't mean that it's time to stop gardening. There are lots of plants that love the heat and there are plenty of jobs that still need to be done.
It's important though to look after yourself as well as your plants and to work smart in warm weather. Water early in the morning or in the evening to minimise evaporation and sun exposure for yourself. Whenever possible, water the day before hot weather is forecast so that plants are well hydrated heading into the heat.

Plant me now

  • Frangipani- Another plant that loves summer, they come in a lot more colours than just traditional white! Red, Pink orange, yellow and multicoloured varieties all in stock now.
  • Hibiscus- a perfect summer flowering plant that will give flowers through into Autumn.
  • Passionfruit- Now is a great time to plant! Grafted and non-grafted varieties of Black, Red, Yellow and Banana passionfruit are available now.
  • Succulents and Cactus- There aren't many plants hardier or easier to grow than succulents. They love it hot and sunny and will thrive throughout summer.
  • Waterplants- Waterlilies, reeds, rushes and full range or marginal pond and bog plants will help to keep your fish or frogs happy.
  • Clumping Bamboo- different to what most people know of bamboo, clumping varieties will add a lush tropical touch to a garden and fill an area without filling your backyard.

Jobs to do

  • Mulch- save water and time water this summer by mulching garden beds early to conserve moisture. It also reduces weeds.
  • Check irrigation systems- with summer here now, if you have an irrigation system make sure its free from leaks, broken or blocked sprinklers and is ready to use.
  • Net fruit tress- Beat the birds to your fruit this year and net fruit trees before its too late.
  • Wetting agents and soil wetters- to make the most of the water you put on your pots and gardens wetting agents and soil wetters can make a huge difference. See us in store to find out which is best for your situation.
  • Feed indoor plants - indoor plants are at their most active in the warmer months so remember to feed them. I always recommend a good quality liquid feed as it is faster acting and easier for plants to absorb than a slow release feed.